5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

What if you could talk to your fellow riders without letting go of the handlebars, the way you see it in the movies!

That technology is very much a reality these days. Not only can you connect to riders beside you, you can also attend phone calls, use GPS or simply play some light music while cruising along.

And what makes all this possible is a Bluetooth helmet. Yes, with a gear like that, riding doesn’t disconnect you from interacting actively with the world that’s not on the road.

Helmets are no longer an exclusive protection device. They have evolved into a much more sophisticated accessory with speaker slots and of course connectivity options like the Bluetooth.

We have done the research for you. Below is a list of 5 helmets that can each claim to be the best Bluetooth helmet currently available in the market.

Let’s begin!

1. Bilt Techno 2.0 Full face helmet

When you talk technology, you are looking for the latest, most advanced device out there.

This bilt Bluetooth helmet bags our #1 spot with that promise. The latest product from Bilt, it offers an 8 hour talk time (more than enough for most rides) and a 7 day standby time.

It connects with your phone, media player, and wait for it, another helmet! That’s gotta be cool, right?

It also offers excellent protection, proven by its DOT certification.

The Bilt techno is extremely durable and gives good noise reduction. Great value for money product featuring the most advanced syncing technology makes this bilt Bluetooth helmet a benchmark for performance.

2. TORC T14B Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

At #2, we have a helmet that preserves the benefits of an oval shape and compliments it with a Bluetooth integrated shell.

This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is suited best for people who like to cut through the air with speed.

With great aerodynamics and stunning design, it gives you the comfort and protection a full face helmet is know for. The dual density EPS liner is fully removable and washable.

It is both DOT and ECE certified.

3. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The next contender for the best Bluetooth helmet is this modular helmet from HJC.

With easily removable parts, this egg-shaped helmet can be used in whichever way you like. However, the full face look makes the helmet shine in all its glory.

The key features include Bluetooth & speaker cavities, and a lightweight shell made from advanced injection molded polycarbonate.

It is DOT certified, and the only reason it lands on #3 is that the helmet is Bluetooth ready, it does not ship with inbuilt BT.

4. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

Another product from TORC. Despite being slightly on the high end of the price tag, it makes up for it with its super lightweight design.

A reduction of about 20% in the physical size makes this helmet look compact while being comfortable. It comes inbuilt with the Bluetooth 2.0 technology.

It is both DOT & ECE certified and provides great ventilation.

5. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Finally, we have the modular helmet from ILMotor, an emerging company with promising products.

Armed with the Bluetooth 2.0 technology, this helmet starts strong on features. You have a one touch control for phone calls, music, intercom, FM & GPS.

It also offers an 8 hour talk time and a standby time of about 5 days. Certified by both the DOT & ECE, it also brings an advanced echo cancellation technology, that makes your voice clearly audible even at high speeds.

Definitely give it a try, if you like checking out new brands!


Considering every factor carefully, it is clear that the Bilt Bluetooth helmet should be your #1 pick. It offers you excellent connectivity and top notch protection.

However, you can pick any Bluetooth motorcycle helmet on our list, and you will not go wrong with the choice. That’s the reward for careful research, and we do that for you.

Connectivity is the future. Stay connected, even when you ride!