Top 5 Best Cruiser Helmets On The Market Today

If there is any bike that can enchant you to a lifetime of motorcycling, it’s the cruiser. I love riding a cruiser, and if you are here, I assume so do you.

Imagine yourself softly riding on a long road, leisurely sitting on your two-wheeled partner who is making the sweetest sounds ever! The mesmerizing scenery on the left. And the right…

And that feeling of the wind softly hitting your face, brushing your hair. The true motorcycle experience, right?

What could enhance that experience even more? You guessed it right! A Harley helmet on your head! While keeping you safe, cruiser helmets also make you worthy of such an experience.

Below I give you a carefully tested list of the best helmets suited for a cruiser motorcycle rider.

1. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half (1/2) Shell Motorcycle Helmet

Yes, you may want Harley Davidson helmets. And I understand the emotion.

But the truth is the #1 cruiser helmet is not a Harley helmet. Instead, the title goes to the IS-Cruiser from HJC.

This DOT approved helmet fits great and looks great on your head. The Nylon strap has a D-ring retention system, and the Nylex interior keeps your head dry.

Half helmets offer you the best chance to enjoy the breeze and do not block your visibility. Built with both in mind, this helmet enjoys a fan following that the newly launched Harley Davidson helmets can envy of.

2.Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring Motorcycle Helmet

If the brand name is Shoei, you know that the product is good.

This helmet from Shoei can match protection standards only offered by Harley Davidson full face helmets. And it couples that with a stunning airflow system you will find nowhere else.

The Multi-piece EPS liner can be easily removed and washed.

Fitted with an internal sun shield, this model comes with an internal sun shield. The only point that can force you to look for another helmet is the price tag.

3. Bell Rogue Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

This half-helmet from Bell can match head to head with any of the Harley Davidson helmets and still fit in your budget.

A super lightweight and durable product, this helmet comes with a 5-year warranty. However, it’s unique feature is the muzzle with a removable liner. Truly gives you the modern rogue feel!

Add in a pair of goggles, and your Harley Davidson ride will look cooler than ever.

4. Nolan N44 Trilogy Solid Helmet

Looking for a Harley Davidson full face helmet? Look no further!

The Nolan N44 is built with maximum visibility in mind. You can transform this modular helmet anyway you like. All the parts are easily removable without tools.

Made specifically for street-cruiser and street-sport bikes, this helmet is ECE certified. The Pinlock technology serves as a great anti-fogging system, and the numerous vents allow for smooth airflow.

The Nolan N44 is certainly a feature rich helmet and definitely a value for money product.

5. Shark RAW Blank Helmet

At #5 we have one of the sexiest helmets ever made. One good look at this helmet and you can fall in love.

Lightweight, comfortable, vents, this helmet gives you all.

Stylish to its core, it gives you a quick release goggle system and face mask. Double pane anti-fog lens and a 5-year warranty make this product worth checking out!


Riding at super fast speeds or twisting and turning in heavy traffic is not the way of the cruiser. Instead, you relax and enjoy everything around you riding softly into the sunset.

You want to feel the breeze, it’s warmth or chill. Cruiser helmets should let you do that while offering enough protection. And they should look great.

A Harley helmet meets all these expectations. And when you are on a dusty road, the Harley Davidson full face helmets can be your best friends.

So what are you waiting for? Suit up! Put that helmet on. And explore the path that calls to you. Bon, voyage!