Top 5 Best Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Between all the design features & safety measures, there is one factor that customers often overlook when buying a helmet. And it plays an important role in how comfortable you are when riding with your helmet on.

It’s noise reduction!

At highway speeds, the wind produces a lot of noise as you pierce through it. The noise can reach well over the level your ears are capable of bearing, and it can cause permanent deafness.

Not only that, a loud helmet may suppress the sounds from other vehicles, thus, potentially putting you at risk of accidents.

So, how do we overcome this problem? The answer is simple.

Wear quiet motorcycle helmets.

Below you will find our list of carefully selected quiet motorcycle helmets, that give you the noiseless ride you are looking for without compromising your safety!

1.Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to the quietest motorcycle helmet, Shoei Solid Quest is our top pick.

Shoei is long famous for making quality helmets that offer everything you look for. And noise reduction is no exception!

It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, but its selling point is the Noise Reduction System. Add to this the ventilator system, and interior comfort technology, and a breath guard to counter fogging, and you have a solid product.

Did I mention that this helmet is way cheaper than other Shoei products? Quiet helmets are expensive, and when customers look for the quietest full face helmet, the budget is always a consideration. This product changes all that, and with a 5-year warranty, you can enjoy every mile of your journey.

2.Shoei Neotec Modular

#2 on our list is another Shoei product, beaten by its cousin on grounds of pricing.

The Neotec Modular helmet is the quietest full face helmet out there if money is the least of your concerns.

It boasts the best ventilation system on the market, and an aerodynamic shell design with a Dual EPS liner. It is made of AIM materials, and DOT certified, which means it offers great protection to your head during crashes.

The Flip Up Chin bar and Face Shield are other highlights of this product, which bring its weight down to 5.8 pounds and make it easy to remove.

3.Schuberth C3 Pro Medium

It is not always that the more you pay, the better you get. But it definitely is true, in case of the Schuberth C3.

Schuberth products have never been cheap, but they provide the quality worth the price.

This helmet provides you an unbelievable amount of noise reduction, even at extremely high speeds of 160 km/h.

With an extra wind tunnel at the top, and a fully integrated communication unit SRC system, this helmet is definitely a product you should check out!

4. Suomy Apex Pike Red Helmet

While helmets offer us great protection, there is an undeniable fact that they are heavy, and wearing them for too long can cause fatigue.

Well, not if you own a Suomy Apex helmet. This helmet is extremely lightweight at only 4.4 pounds, and looks really great!

It comes with a wind tunnel, anti-fog face shield, amazing ventilation and a safety lock visor system. It is DOT rated and approved even for use by racers.

At less than half the price of a Schuberth helmet, this product is a great value for money.

5. Arai Signet-Q Full Face Helmet

One of the latest helmets from Arai, the Signet-Q is becoming extremely popular due to its efficient noise reduction.

Although it comes with a single EPS liner, the liner is quite thick, and extra vents allow the air to flow smoothly.

The long oval shape gives great comfort to the rider and enhances the aerodynamics. So not only do you look cool wearing this helmet, you also get to enjoy a quiet ride.


When looking for quiet motorcycle helmets, the first thing on your mind should be aerodynamics. Round helmets generally tend to be very noisy as the wind hits the front really hard.

Full face helmets offer the most noise reduction among all types of helmets. The quietest full face helmet definitely tickles your purse a bit, but you will be more than happy with the extra protection that it brings to you.

Look for products that have wind tunnels and lots of curves. Such a design helps in proper airflow and offers good ventilation as well.

Any helmet on our list can proudly claim to be the quietest motorcycle helmet out there. Not only do they look cool, but give you a quiet, smooth ride every time you start that engine. So, pick the one that fits you and your budget best, and come back to thank us later!